Taken: The inspirational true story of one mother’s epic win against social services

Child Care Proceedings Exposed


Sue O’Callaghan was one of us. Just an ordinary mother, living an ordinary life, in a nice house with her husband and family. Ordinary, that is, until the day her husband took the children for a walk and never came home. 

Like any mother, she was worried: Had her family been in a terrible accident? Had they been the victims of a crime? Little did Sue know that her ‘loving’ husband and his parents had been corresponding for months behind the scenes with Child Protection Services and his psychiatrist, plotting a way to leave his wife and secure custody of their children in one fell swoop.

They did it by fabricating mental illness—hers!

It was all there—documented in writing for Social Services, chapter and verse—but she wasn’t ill! The diagnosis had been written by a psychiatrist who had never treated her. It got…

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